Chunky Community News: Take time to enjoy God’s work


We pulled into Chunky Sunday afternoon after 3 p.m. All three of my daughters were with us and we needed to visit with Grammar and Poppa.

I had it in my mind to get a picture of the girls standing under the large green Chunky interstate sign, but just as we approached the ramp, the rain I’d seen off to the west for the last couple of hours caught up to us. It wasn’t heavy, just a misting really, but I knew I would be fighting a losing battle to get them out of the car to stand in the rain for a photo.

So, we headed on up the ramp and I didn’t say anything about it. In the couple of miles to my parents’ house I saw that it had rained a little recently, but we came out of the shower very quickly.

We’d been visiting for probably half an hour before Dad looked out the window and commented that it looked like it was raining. But that didn’t last long, either. I didn’t see any more rain the rest of the day.

What I did see during the drive home was deer. I saw a total of 11 deer grazing along the side of Interstate 20, most about the size of two-year-old does. They paid no attention to us whatsoever and — thankfully — didn’t decide to run as we passed. What did run was the good-sized tom turkey we saw toward the west end of Lazy Acres Road. He saw us about the time we saw him, and he danced back and forth like a guilty toddler caught sneaking out of his bedroom late at night before kicking it into high gear and running headlong wherever he’d been headed to start with.

We didn’t encounter any other wildlife, unless you count a few people we saw at gas stations.

We had a nice visit with family on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Gentle rain, beautiful wildlife, nice conversation, a shared meal.

As we headed home that evening, we drove through town. All was quiet and nothing was going on visible to the public — except evening church services. Just a nice, quiet day.

We all need quiet days, sometimes. Time to rest and enjoy God’s creation. I hope you have at least one of those days this week. Take time to appreciate what God has done for us all and be thankful, peaceful.


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