Starting a prayer journal is one of my New Year’s resolutions


Prayer is an essential part of our Christian walk. It is our way of communicating with the Lord, and there is so much scripture dealing with prayer, including the verse “pray without ceasing.”

Our prayer life is personal, so everyone’s is different. In this upcoming new year, I really want to focus on my prayer life, and I want to work on a prayer journal. My problem is, I don’t really know how to set up a prayer journal.

So for anyone who is already doing a journal, I would really like some tips! Just email me at my usual address, and I would greatly appreciate it.

Pray for all the churches in the community as everyone is getting prepared for choir programs and Christmas plays. It’s definitely a busy time in the Lord’s house this time of year!

I hope everyone is clearing off the shopping lists and isn’t too stressed out planning family gatherings. Remember this is a joyful season!