Try to remember the special times this Valentine’s Day


Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and I would like to wish all who read the column a most happy and romantic day. Whether or not you and your sweetheart celebrate the holiday, I hope you will take the time to look at that person who holds your heart and remember all the things that drew you together in the beginning.

Time is not always kind to us and it is easy to forget those special times. They do not only happen at the start of a relationship. Over years together, there are usually busy or tough times. It is easy for the tender moments to get lost during them. Try to remember them and dwell on those for Valentine’s Day. That can be a celebration in itself, especially if you hold them to your heart and carry them well past the day.

Anne Duett wanted to remember Sue Addy, my predecessor to this column. Anne said Sue’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day. Happy Heavenly birthday, Sue.

I want to take a moment to honor the memory of Aubrey Carron, who breathed his last breath on this earth early Saturday morning. My heart breaks for his wife and my friend Pamela Carron and all the family and friends he left behind. The wake will be held from 3-5 p.m. on Tuesday. Feb. 13, with a short service following at McClain-Hayes Funeral Home.

On a lighter note, Deborah Lockley reports that her father Moody Lockley had his 96th birthday on Sunday, Feb. 11. It was a quiet day with family members calling to wish him well. Debbie made him the homemade yeast rolls that he loves with steak, baked potato with a salad, and lemon meringue pie for dessert. Sounds like a good time to me. Happy birthday, Mr. Lockley. 

Debbie also reports that they had their first daffodil bloom today. She thinks the crazy weather we have been experiencing has the plants confused.

Debbie’s great-great grandfather on her father’s side of the family, J.C. Portis, was one of Union’s founders. He fought in the Civil War. He lost his right arm in a battle near Atlanta but learned to write with his left hand. He was a minister, teacher and the town’s first mayor. He established the town’s first church and school in Union. Debbie is very proud to be his descendant.

A friend put a Facebook post asking about Valentine gifts friends would like to have. I was reminded of my very first Valentine gift, given to me by my first husband when we were very young, the first or second Valentine’s Day after we married. He gave me a box of candy, half of them Millionaires (right after they came out) and the other half Billionaires. They were so good! I bought Millionaires for myself (and him) after that, but I could never find the Billionaires. I confess, very infrequently, I will still indulge in the Millionaires, but I think they must have only made the Billionaires for that Valentine season. I would love to enjoy that taste again!

Stay safe and dry until next time.  Remember your blessings and to thank the Lord for them.

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