D-Day 75th Anniversary


A special page to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings and the soldiers who gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy

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The following letter was written to Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Meadors of Union, Route 2, by their son, Pvt. Orzo L. Meadors:

Sec. B. 315 AAF Bn. (AWUT C)

Drew Field, Tampa, Fla.

6 June, 1944, Invasion Day.

Dearest Folks,

There is very little news to write but I am going to write something. I suppose the great invasion in Europe is old news and by the time you receive this more news will be in the making.

I can’t help but feel that I would like to be over there helping those boys to get this over with, even if I couldn’t do anything but pass a little ammunition. I am sure they are really doing a nice job to get back also. I realize it is much easier here than it could be there in the very best form. There is always a place for a soldier in this army, whether he be a private or a General. But, there is a certain satisfaction to those that engage in important battles now as well as after the war. I wouldn’t take anything for being a soldier at this time and I hope you a just as glad as I am. It is true that we hate to leave, but we can only hope for the best to come. And I am very sure that the best will come now.

I would hate to know that if I had stayed out of this war and not had a small hand in the freedom we are going to enjoy, and see liberation to those people who have been captive slaves for years, and not get to enjoy freedom if we had stayed home and not taken things in our own hands. Those things make me glad that I am a soldier. I may not be a “Big Shot” in the Army, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard but I do know that I am just as proud as if I were in either. It does not matter what we are in nor who we are, just as long as we do our part.

I have not tried to stay in the United States nor do I intend to in any way. If they want me to go over then I’m happy, if they want me to stay here I am still happy. I have reconciled myself that I am in the army for the duration and them maybe six months. I do know that I do not make as much money now as I did, but I’m not hungry, I have good clothes to wear and the best weapons and training any soldier in the world can get and I’m glad of that and I thank God that it is still possible here.

Also, I realize that boys over there have to disperse with some of the modern conveniences we still enjoy and I feel for them. I do not feel sorry in a way of personal emotion for those men and women who are over there and I would not want them to feel sorry for me if I were there in their place, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for the hardship and pain that they are suffering. I am sure that if everyone over there were given a chance to express themselves the same answer would be given.

The people that I am sorry for and feel less sympathy for are those men and women here in the U.S. who are striking to keep materials and supplies from going to those who are sacrificing their mite for life afterwards if they can make it back home. Also I don’t have any sympathy or feelings for those who profit on the spoils of war, those that make every penny that is possible whether it be honest or any form just so it bulges their bank roll. Those people are the ones that shall try and tell us what to do when we come back to live our life again. But, I do know that justice will prevail and that God whom we trust and pray to daily will not let us down. We cannot expect everything we want and desire for in life without fighting for what we believe in. We may be wrong, but if we listen to true teachings of the Bible we cannot go astray.

Mother, Dad, and all back home, if I had my way this would not be as it is now. I believe we would not have to fight the way we are having to today. Everyone that believes in a Democracy by the people and for the people would not either I am sure.

I have just listened to President Roosevelt’s prayer and if I could have my way this letter could be my prayer also. This may not sound as a prayer but what a man feels inside is his prayer. I am glad that you are my parents, the people I dearly love and the best loved ones I will never forget.

Don’t worry about me and if you do worry as I know you do, try not to worry too much. I know you can’t help worrying some and to tell you the truth I would feel very badly if I knew that you did not worry some about me. But, please try to live as you would if nothing were happening out of the ordinary. I wory myself  for you and loved ones all over the world, but I try to realize the circumstances and control my thoughts to lovelier and nobler things, such as when the day we can come back, the day we can change the color of our suits, eat the things we want to without having to do away with luxuries we like that we can afford. But I am not pitying myself that I am having to do without those things now.

I am proud of you and you are doing your part just as we are trying to do ours.

Write when you can and if you are tired at nights get your rest. I can assure you I shall say nothing about not receiving letters every day from you. I realize this is work time and I am sure I am better able to sacrifice more than you can. I do know that if anything happens I will be notified. I will write often and I am sure glad that I can.

Best of wishes folks, and I hope to see you as soon as possible. Give my love to all the folks there and to any of the boys that come home that I know.

Write when you can. Love always,

Your son,


This photo showing the American section of the Normandy beachhead was first published June 22, 1944 in The Newton Record.
Courtesy newspapers.com


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