Football Fever Contest 2019



Picks are closed for Week 3

Week 2's Winner: Brian Terrell & Kim Evans

Law Enforcement: 14-6 Firefighters/EMS: 13-7
Mark Spence Logan Nester
Position: Hickory Police Chief, Newton County SRO Position: Volunteer Firefighter
Years in law enforcement: 22 Years with department: I have been on Union and
Linwood Fire Departments for 4 years now.
What do you enjoy most about your job? Serving and protecting people. I also enjoy working with the young people at the school. What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy helping the community’s residents in any way
possible to better the community.
Why did you go into law enforcement? I have always enjoyed helping people. Law enforcement has allowed me to do that in a very unique way. It has been a natural fit for me. Why did you become a firefighter? A buddy of mine who grew up with the department invited me to join, so I stuck with it and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.
Kansas State at Mississippi State Kansas State at Mississippi State
SE Louisiana at Ole Miss SE Louisiana at Ole Miss
Southern Miss at Troy Southern Miss at Troy
Alabama at South Carolina Alabama at South Carolina
Iowa at Iowa State Iowa at Iowa State
Colorado State at Arkansas Colorado State at Arkansas
Florida at Kentucky Florida at Kentucky
Clemson at Syracuse Clemson at Syracuse
Pittsburgh at Penn State Pittsburgh at Penn State
Arizona State at Michigan State Arizona State at Michigan State
Stanford at UCF Stanford at UCF



Picks are closed for Week 3!

Leaderboard after Week 2  
Name of Entrant Correct Wrong
Rickey Chaney 22 5
Vincent McElhenney 22 5
Samuel Curry 21 6
Brian Terrell 21 6
Bennett Ware 21 6
Aaron Terrell 21 6
Ben Kitchings 21 6
Madison Jay 21 6
Asia Tingle 20 7
Kimberly Evans 20 7
Richard Rivers 20 7
Chrystal Chamblee 20 7
Eric Gibbs 20 7
Ryan Hanner 20 7
James Peters 20 7
Lakendrick Coleman 19 8
Bruce Terrell 19 8
Austin Germany 19 8
John Walker 19 8
Robert Blount 19 8
Nicole Longmire 19 8
Rebekah wade 19 8



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