VIDEO: Newton County declares civil emergency


The Newton County Board of Supervisors declared a civil emergency to help control the spread of the coronavirus during a special called meeting Tuesday following confirmation of the first confirmed coronavirus case in the county.


The resolution mandates that all county buildings be restricted to persons who do not have a fever, are not visibly sick or have not been infected by COVID-19. Only the front entrance to the courthouse will be open for tax payers, employees and other visitors, and a person will take each person's temperature to make sure they are not running a fever.

Employees must notify their supervisor if they are sick and are asked to stay home. If an employee contracts the virus, supervisors must inform their departments about the positive case without violating the Americans with Disability Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Employees exposed to coworkers with the virus should follow CDC guidelines for how to conduct risk assessment for their potential exposure. 

Any future recommendations made by the CDC will go into effect without further board action.

Signs indicating the passage of the resolution will be posted at all entrances to all public county buildings.

Here is the video of the meeting: