Police investigate social media accusation of kidnapping at Walmart


The Newton Police Department will not seek charges related to a Facebook post about an alleged kidnapping attempt, Chief of Police Harvey Curry said Monday.

Curry said the department initially received a complaint from a woman on Friday who said she was followed around the store by two men at Walmart. This made the complainant “very uncomfortable by positioning themselves in a manner that she deemed inappropriate,” according to a statement by Curry.

At that point, authorities opened an investigation into the situation.

“After careful review, from Walmart video surveillance, investigators have deemed that there was no inappropriate or unlawful actions to have occurred,” Curry said. “We commend the actions of the Walmart employee who postured himself in a protective manner and encourage all citizens to ‘see something, say something.’

“While this incident may have been circumstantially uncomfortable, we do not feel that any further police action is warranted at this time. Walmart has done an impeccable job of maintaining the safety and security of their patrons; by personnel training and surveillance detection systems, and we look forward to a continued partnership with Walmart.”