Brent Maze: Don’t let the election divide us


The election cycle is nearly over.

It’s possible we could have new people in office, or we could have many of the same faces all throughout our government.

Regardless of the way the election may turn out for you — good or bad — we need to put our differences aside and work together once the election results are final.

Sure, we may have campaigned hard for the losing side of the election or perhaps your candidate won by a landslide.

Either way, we can’t let any of the hurt that happened during the election stop us from working together for the good of our county and state.

In our political system, it seems we make everything out to be all or nothing. Perhaps there are some issues where that can happen.

However, what has made our country great is the ability to work together even though we don’t see eye to eye. Our country has thrived on compromise — see all of the different compromises that were made during the formation of the U.S. Constitution.

No one side will be completely happy with the end result, but we came up with a governmental system that had checks and balances so that no one person or one group got their way all of the time.

Ultimately, our structure of government has lasted as long as it has because of compromise and the willingness to work together.

I hope that is something that we’ll continue to do moving forward after this election.

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