Brent Maze: Let’s make Union Day a success


Last year, the Union Chamber of Commerce launched its first Union Day celebration on Father’s Day weekend.

Then Chamber director Sherry Harrison said they brought in more than 80 vendors for the Union festival, and she said all of them left unexpectedly surprised by the turnout. The Good Lord was gracious to the city by giving us about as good weather as you can expect for June, especially since it didn’t rain at all during the festival and the temperatures were about average in the low 90s.

While Union Day events aren’t the full week of activity like it was a few years ago, it is increasing from last year.

I am thrilled by how successful Union Day was last year. Sure, the crowd may not have rivaled any of the best Country Days on record, but I’m sure it was as good as the last few Country Day festivals.

It appears like this year, Union Day is gearing up to build on that success. There will be at least as many vendors if not more. And several of the traditional Country Day events have returned. There is a good turnout for the pageant. The talent show is back.

It’s encouraging to see how the community is coming together. In recent years, our community hasn’t had much to cheer about, as we have lost a number of businesses, including a big tax hit from Marshall Ford leaving a couple of years ago.

It’s been difficult, but we are beginning to see things turn around. We have more activity in downtown Union, as a you’re seeing a lot of activity with construction and remodeling.

Union Day is adding to that revitalization of the community. I know the festival date is difficult as some may be heading out of town on vacations or to see their families for Father’s Day weekend, but with as busy as everyone is anymore, there’s never going to be a perfect date. You have to do it when you can.

Good luck to the Chamber this weekend. Let’s make it a good one.

Brent can be reached at bmaze@newtoncountyappeal.­com.