Brent Maze: Seeing good in our community


Over the last week, I have been feeling tons of stress with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak. I may not show it, but I’m very deeply troubled about this issue.

It concerns me that we don’t have a viable treatment or vaccine for the illness. Without that, it’s hard to know when the quarantine and social distancing can end. It concerns me that local businesses have been severely impacted by the illness because everyone has been told to stay at home and not get out. Some of them are OK because their inventory is online and customers can order what they want and pick it up curbside.

Restaurants have made a tremendous push for curbside pickup, and I really appreciate them.

Grocery stores have been a mad house for the last two weeks. People are panic buying to the point that it’s causing a supply shortage because many folks have bought more than they need.

Let me reassure you, we have plenty of food and supplies. They’re on the way. Just be patient, and when they come back in, don’t clean out the shelves. Just take what you immediately need.

Even though the craziness has caused so many issues, I’ve also seen a lot of good. I’ve seen people post videos of simple everyday things that helps uplift our community.

One that I remember is Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth posting videos of him playing the piano. I had no idea he was a good pianist.

Randy Cuchens has posted videos of having a mini-singing in their neighborhood. Everyone has been at a safe distance.

We’ve also been reassured by our school districts that those who need a good meal will get it every weekday.

Plus, I can’t tell you how many inspirational and uplifting comments I’ve seen from all over the community.

Yes, there is the normal politics. (Soap box moment: If you’re posting a lot of political stuff right now, I’d ask you to stop for a little while. This is no time to blame Republicans or Democrats for this problem. We are in the middle of it, and we’re doing the best we can at this time. We can save arguments for other days about whether the response was appropriate.)

However, I’m more and more seeing an increase of positive uplifting things. That has really helped me out over the last week, seeing the music, the uplifting words, the good news of neighbor helping neighbor.

So check on your family and friends. Don’t give them a hug right now, but a kind word can go a long way in this scary time.

Brent Maze is the publisher of the Appeal. Contact Brent at bmaze@newtoncounty­