Such tragedy this weekend


This Saturday morning, it was horrific to wake up to the news as you did about the fatal crash on I-20. I know the photo was upsetting, but it’s one of those unfortunate things that we have to report on as a news organization.

If you’d like to discuss whether or not we should have reported it or put the photo up on the website before the victim’s identity was released, please feel free to send me a letter to the editor. I’d love to know what you’re thinking about it.

That being said, the accident should serve as a reminder of just how dangerous driving is. I don’t know what led to the crash, but it’s a miracle that there aren’t more tragedies than there are. Statistically, it’s one of the most dangerous things that anyone can do. While the mass shootings at schools or Wal-Mart get the national attention, you’re less likely to experience that than a serious accident.

We all know someone who has died or was seriously injured in a crash. However, we take driving for granted. We know it’s not safe to text and drive, but we do it. We know it’s not safe drive without a seatbelt, but many of us fail to buckle up.

We know it’s dangerous to drink and drive, but we do it anyway because we think it wouldn’t happen to us.

Sometimes, we need a wake-up call, me included, to remember to practice safe driving. I pray for the families that have lost a loved one recently due to car crashes, and let’s not forget how dangerous it can be on the roads.

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