Our Opinion: Decision to cancel events was right decision


This weekend and next weekend, our community calendar was supposed to be filled with numerous events.

However, a COVID-19 virus has caused many events nationwide to cancel, from the NBA, Major League Baseball and March Madness for the NCAA, along with all remaining championships on the calendar for the school year.

Locally, we are experiencing the same thing. School Districts have decided to close for another week of spring break. And the way things are looking, school may be more affected than normal. There are proposals to suspend testing for the year, meaning that this could quarantine will go on for a while.

With school out, that means sports came to a halt. Organized practices are not allowed. If students want to work out, they have to do it on their own.

And then we had the Loose Caboose Festival and the Union Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards banquet. Both events are canceled. The Loose Caboose won’t happen this year. The Chamber Banquet is still on, but the reschedule date has not been set.

While it seems like an overreaction to have so much canceled, it really isn’t. If one person in those crowds has the coronavirus, that could spread to 10 maybe hundreds of people in a short period time.

In this situation, the right thing to do is to not expose the public to a situation like that. We applaud our public servants and other leaders who are doing the right thing.