Our Opinion: How you can help small businesses


While the public waits for the number of coronavirus cases to peak and eventually start decreasing, it is clear that many of us will have more time on their hands than usual. Here’s a gentle suggestion to  fill a bit of that empty space.

Anyone who can afford it should stop by a few of their favorite locally owned businesses and buy a gift certificate to use later.

It is an excellent idea. Small businesses, such as retailers and restaurants, are certain to be hard hit by the slowdown of commerce that controlling this virus will require. Though they are small, they play a vital role in communities of every size, particularly  those that dot rural Mississippi.

Buying a gift certificate today will give these merchants a little bit of extra cash when their business is sure to be down. The purchase also will allow the buyer to pick out something later on, when things return to normal.

This is a win-win idea. Think about it.