Where’s the silver lining in our crazy new world?


Notes, quotes and a thought or two while coming to the realization that I’m officially an old sports writer...

The world we knew just a month ago looks much different from the one we see today from the confines of our homes.

A month ago, we were complaining about the rain because it was interfering with high school baseball and softball. A month ago, we were all looking forward to spring break and a week away from school. A month ago, everything was normal.

Now, there is very little normal in our lives. Our schools are closed and our kids sit at home. Some are doing distance learning but not everyone has that capability. The two biggest employers in Newton County are basically shutting down. And for some unknown reason to me, people are hoarding toilet tissue and it’s in short demand. Of all the things going on in our world right now, this is the one that I can’t figure out. I understand the shortage of Clorox and hand sanitizer, but why tissue. I would love for somebody to explain that one to me. It’s a crazy world out there.

Someone said to me recently that they were just ready for things to return to normal, to go to work and eat out. While there are lot of things that aren’t normal, it’s not all bad.

While I’ve had to be out with newspaper work and through my strolls through social media, I’ve seen some things I never thought I would see. I’ve seen more kids playing out in the yard instead of in front of the television. I’ve seen more parents and kids doing things together like playing board games or working a jigsaw puzzles. I’ve seen videos of families spending time together playing music and worshipping the Lord. I’ve seen kids taking up new hobbies or learning to play their first instrument. I’ve seen countless men comment on how they’ve used the extra time to clean up around the house or finish some household project. I’ve seen people have a great appreciation for the church and the Lord. I’ve seen people spend more time with their neighbors. I’ve seen more people spending time on the front porch, enjoying the simple things in life.

One of the most important things that I’ve seen is a shift of respect for the people in our country who are on the front line in the medical field. I’ve always had a great respect for doctors but mainly for the fact that I knew they were smarter than me and admired the fact that they could go to school for as long as they do. But through the last couple of weeks, that admiration has grown into something else. Our nurses and doctors are the true heroes of our society, along with our policemen and firefighters.

Just a month ago, if you had asked most kids who their hero was, you might have gotten some sports figure. Just a few weeks without sports and it seems that has all changed.

The Bible tells us that all things work together for his good. I certainly believe that’s the case here folks. I know there are some people out there hurting and in need, but there’s also a lot of bright spots and some people who are finally getting the recognition that they deserve.


Robbie Robertson is sports editor for The Newton County Appeal. You can reach him at rrobertson12811@yahoo.com