EDITORIAL: Better to err on safe side


This weekend, one of the most talk about subjects around Newton County was the Facebook post of a woman who felt like she was going to be kidnapped at the Newton Walmart.

Everyone had his or her own opinion about what happened. Thankfully, the incident was reported to the Newton Police the day that it happened. Investigators took a look at the video evidence and determined that they could not press charges for any incident.

However, the post by itself created a firestorm. It’s impossible for any of us to say whether there was a real threat or not because we have not seen the video footage. We were not there at the time of the incident, and we weren’t in the shoes of the woman who posted it.

There could have been a very real threat, and it’s always good to be err on the side of safety. We applaud the Walmart employees for stepping in to possibly diffuse what could have been a situation and alerting authorities.

It’s good to report it to the police and let them know what’s going on. While nothing happened this time, it could help police know what they need to look for if a similar situation happens again.

Let’s continue to be vigilant about reporting incidents, but please be careful when posting about it on Facebook. While you may have the best of intentions about warning others, a situation could get blown out of proportion.


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