Rack Locations

Click the image below to view a map of the various rack locations:



You can purchase the newspaper at the following locations:


Newton County Appeal (105 Main St.)

Piggly Wiggly (206 E. Jackson Road)

Union Tobacco (708 E. Jackson Road)

Spaceway (707 E. Jackson Road)

Laird Hospital (25117 MS-15)

Chevron Union/Union Junction (1001 E. Jackson Road)

Dollar General (25225 MS-15)


Newton County Appeal (124 N. Main St.)

Newton Family and Pediatric Clinic (9427 Eastside Drive, Ste. A)

Shell/Junction Deli (191 Eastside Drive, Hwy. 15 near I-20)

Chevron (Hwy. 15 near I-20)

Newton Junction Express Lube (221 Eastside Drive)

Wal-Mart (231 Eastside Drive)

CEFCO (291 Eastside Drive)

Newton Tobacco Store (304 Northside Drive)

Garvin's Cash Saver (110 Northside Plaza)

Dollar General (109 Northside Plaza)

Citgo/Quick Mart No. 2 (549 Northside Drive)

Hailey's Hardware (123 S. Main St.)

Quick Sakum (201 S. Main St.)

Newton Post Office (111 E. Church St.)

Marathon (303 Decatur St.)


Big G Supermarket (39 7th St.)

Decatur Post Office (75 4th Ave.)

Shell (15380 MS-15)

Chevron/Subway (MS-15 and West Broad Street)

Excel (MS-15)

Dollar General (14675 MS-15)


Hickory Post Office (7464 MS-503)

Hickory Quick Stop (18168 US-80)

Dollar General (18204 US-80)

Little Rock

Chesney's Grocery (5913 MS-494)


Chunky River Trading Post (24055 US-80)


Lawrence Post Office/Gray Tire (5444 US-80)

Marathon (1873 US-80, near I-20)


Conehatta Market (10417 MS-489)


Hornet's Nest (24523 US-80)

Goodhope IGA (7285 Old Hwy. 80)

Dollar General (24300 US-80)


Piggly Wiggly (16851 MS-21)

Duett's Inc. (16975 MS-21)


House Grocery (1258 MS-19, Union)


Rack Locations