Our Opinion: Call 911 first, post it later


We’ve seen the social media posts. People are outraged that they see crimes being committed, but they don’t see the police doing their job.

For those who have done this, can we ask you this question — did you call 911 first?

We know, our 911 dispatchers get a lot of prank calls or disconnected calls. They deal with a high volume of calls every day.

However, they would be more than happy to take your complaint and pass it on to the local police or sheriff’s department. That’s their job. They want to help be the liason between the public and law enforcement.

If you post it on Facebook or Twitter first, however, you may not get the response you want. Sure, the post is likely going to get shared 15,000 times and get all kinds of people upset about why the police haven’t done their job.

The problem is, most police officers on duty will not see that post until their shift is over. Even our sheriff or police chiefs won’t always be able to see it even though they are on Facebook from time to time.

The best way to report a crime or a problem is to call 911. Give the officers a chance to investigate it before you put it on social media. It will save a lot of headaches, and perhaps the reports will help law enforcement be able to help prosecute and prevent it from happening again.