Our Opinion: Is it worth the risk?


Living in Newton County means you are driving on a bunch of two-lane roads. Outside of driving on I-20 and small stretches on Hwy. 15 and Hwy. 80, that’s about the only kind of road you’re going to be driving on inside our county.

A lot of times, we take our safety for granted for the sake of making that trip a minute or two faster by illegally passing on the road.

Sure, we have all been there. We driving along cruising at or just over the 55 mph speed limit and then we get behind a vehicle like an 18-wheeler struggling to get up the hill or perhaps a driver who’s going below the speed limit.

That double-yellow line or the solid line on our side of the road is there, but we feel the temptation to get around that slower vehicle.

However, that’s a dangerous proposition not only for you, but also everyone else on the road. When you decide to cross that yellow line to pass that slow vehicle, you have no idea what’s coming on the other side.

That driver that may be just past your field of vision is a police officer waiting to give you a ticket. That driver could be a fire truck, police car or ambulance that’s on it’s way to a call or rushing someone to the hospital.

That driver could someone who is obeying all the driving laws and operating their vehicle safely. That driver could also be mother driving her family back home.

That driver could be a high school student who doesn’t know what to do if they see you coming head on.

Maybe there isn’t a driver in that lane. Maybe there is a tree or some other kind of debris in that lane that you aren’t expecting.

Or perhaps there’s nothing there and you could do it without causing trouble.

All of those possibilities are there when you decide to cross the solid line on your side of the road. There are even some times when it’s safe to do it, especially when you are trying to pass a tractor or a stopped vehicle where you could pass them very quickly and be on your way.

Probably 90% of the time you could do it safely without any problems, but the risk of injury and harm to yourself and others is too high.

Please we encourage you think twice when you feel the temptation to illegally pass someone on the roadway. Is that two or three minutes of drive time that important when it comes to the safety of yourself and others?