Our Opinion: Public notices need to be noticed


It’s that time of year. The legislature is in full swing. And yet again, state legislators are wanting to remove requirements of advertising public notices in statewide newspapers.

There are bills in both houses in Jackson that would eliminate requirements of publishing notices and other legal advertisements from newspapers. Instead, all that would be required would be to publish the notices on a state-managed website.

One issue we have with that is that if public notices are only published on this website, it could make it very easy for some levels of government to hide what they were doing.

This would include new ordinances that were passed. This would include public hearings on property or developments in our area.

If it wasn’t published in the local newspapers in the state, who would be able to know when these things would be going on?

Yes, it would be cheaper to only have to publish these on a website. However, this public notice website would be one of the billions of websites that are out there. How easy would it be to see what legal notices are for our area?

By the way, our newspaper is publishing our legal notices on our website at www.newtoncountyappeal.com. These are available to anyone regardless of whether they have a subscription or not.

These notices will also be uploaded to the Mississippi Press Association’s legal notices website.

So the notices are already available on the web in several different places.

However, if it was only on one website, it would be impossible for the public to see these notices.

We hope that our local leaders will allow transparency to continue with the publishing of legal notices in local newspapers. If you agree with us, please let your leaders know as well.


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