Our Opinion: Thank you to all who helped


This weekend, Newton County experienced a surprise storm system. No one was expecting the remnants of Tropical Storm Olga to pack the punch that it did. It seems like the event caught our weather forecasters by surprise.

No one knew that we’d experience 40 mph winds for so long on Saturday morning. And within 24 hours of our county receiving more than 3 inches of rain from another storm system, it left our county vulnerable to downed trees and power lines.

This meant our first responders, MDOT workers, power compnay workers and other volunteers were out on Saturday morning clearning roadways of trees, trying to restore power and helping those who were experiencing emergencies related to the storm.

Unfortunately, we lost a neighbor and friend in Jason Boyd, a MDOT supervisor. Our condolences go out to his family, but we thank him for his service. And we thank everyone who responded to the call for their help. There’s no way to express our gratitude.