Letters to editor: Know your candidates


Dear Editor,

We have two important positions to fill in the county due to the retirement of the Sheriff and the District 31 Senator. I am asking that you take a close look at the candidates, especially for the Senator. We have been fortunate to have a Sheriff and a Senator for a number of years on whom we could depend to carry out their duties with competence and integrity.

I have listened to speeches made by both Senatorial candidates at various locations. Mr. McCaughn presented his qualifications, education and ideas positively and clearly; however, I have questions about the qualifications, education and ideas from his opponent. Also, why did Mr. Gardner praise the present Senator when Senator Burton was in the audience and complain about the representation when he was not present? Another concern is his saying he walked the halls of the Capital and was proud to have passed bills. Maybe he tried to be an unregistered lobbyist, but elected Legislators vote and pass bills. One of the bills that he takes credit for is Senate Bill NO. 2664. As referred to in his speeches one would think that it pertained to the insurance industry when it had to do with regulation of bail agents. He also states that he has been in the insurance business for 30 plus years. The regulations of this person’s business may be under the State Department of Insurance, but the service is issuances of bail bonds not insurance as such.

The above is why before you vote, you should know the candidates as to qualifications, education and clear ideas that will benefit the people they will serve.

Lou Pace



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