UHS keeps students busy


Summer is in full swing. The middle of June is here, and students have been out of school since the middle of May. Despite this, students have been kept busy throughout the summer with all kinds of school functions. Athletes and band members have practices while many school clubs attend conventions. While providing an excellent summer for students, Union High School keeps students involved during the summer months.

After a break of about two weeks at the end of May, students began their summer activities. Student athletes for both the high school and middle school began summer workouts in the mornings. If one happens to drive around the school during the mornings, he or she will see many different teams exercising—the Union High School football and Middle School football teams, the softball and baseball teams, and the middle school cheerleading squad. The Union High School Band also started their Monday night summer practices on the first Monday in June. A week before this, Union FFA president Olivia Smith attended the Mississippi FFA Nomination Committee to select state FFA officers. Union High School FFA then attended state convention the following week. During this same week, the Union High School Cheerleading Squad attended cheer camp in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This past week, the Union Middle School Beta Club has attended the National Junior Beta Convention in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In fact, they got back late Tuesday night.

In addition to all that has already happened, there is still much more to come during this busy summer season. While student athletes and band students will be attending all required summer practices, the Union Middle School Cheer Squad will have their cheer camp at Mississippi State University during the week of June 21-24. Union’s FFA officers will also attend a leadership camp at the end of June at the FFA Center in Raymond, Mississippi. After the month of June, students will have a small respite from the intensity of summer activities while still keeping busy. Student athletes will still be busy with summer practices, but the Union High School Band will attend band camp during the week of July 22-26. Band members will learn basic marching drills, the music for the 2019 show, and the marching drills for the show. On August 3, the Union High School Cheerleaders will begin to learn their competition routine for the season, and other student athletes will continue their summer practices until school starts in August.

Despite students being on summer break, they are kept extremely busy by the many activities they are involved in at school. This does not take into account the activities outside of school that many students also participate in. These range from helping their church with Bible School to vacations and even jobs. Although students may seem too busy to enjoy their summers, most are able to balance these activities and their free time. This valuable time management skill will help in college and any job these students obtain in the future. Many of the students at Union High School are extremely involved in other activities, and summer allows students to enjoy those as well as a much-needed break from the school life.


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