Club News for January 22


Newton Triple L

Newton Triple L met Thursday, January 16, at First Baptist Church, Newton, with 29 members in attendance. We were greeted at the door with “Let it Snow” banners and went inside to see snowmen lining our tables in puddles of snow, compliments of Diane Rives. We celebrated four members with January birthdays. Following our delicious potluck lunch, we welcomed one of our own as our guest speaker, Malcom Johnson, with the Mississippi Highway Patrol. Following  a 4-year stint in the U.S. Army, including a 9-month tour during Desert Storm, and employment in his hometown Jackson area, Johnson served as a trooper for 26 years in the Kemper County area. He shared some of his funny and tense on-the-job experiences on the highways. He is currently serving as Master Sargent of Driver Services in our local district which includes Meridian, Newton, Philadelphia and Walnut Grove. He shared the need for additional license examiners, especially commercial driver examiners, and answered many questions concerning the new drivers licenses, organ/tissue donor information, and firearm permits. We all enjoyed getting to better know one of our newest members.