Bass focuses on fundamentals in first spring drills at NCHS


New Newton County football coach Bobby Bass has had his hands full this spring.

Bass took over the Newton County program that won just one game after head coach Gene Mitchell stepped down due to health concerns.

Bass said he has spent much of the spring teaching fundamentals and installing a new offense and defense.

“We have come a long way since day one,” Bass said. “We have installed two new schemes so they have had a lot on their plate. But they have adapted, like kids do. Defensively, we are ahead of the offense, which is generally the deal. We have installed about a third of our offense. We will use the summer to get more things installed on offense.”

The Cougars ended the spring practice with an intra-squad scrimmage on Wednesday.

“Overall, I think it was a successful spring,” Bass said. “It helped the players to understand how we want to do things, how to practice and bring the right attitude to practice every day. We got most of our special teams installed and even went through our pre-game and how we get dressed. We tell them that everything we do is important. There’s nothing that we do that isn’t important.”

Bass said a good portion of the spring was also spent on fundamentals.

“We need to improve greatly in fundamentals,” Bass said. “We got better but still have a long way to go on blocking techniques and tackling. We just need to improve a lot in those areas. We did a junior high spring training and all we worked on was blocking and tackling. So we have to get better in those areas if we are going to be successful.”

One other area Bass is targeting is the weight room, where the Cougars have purchased new equipment.

“We will go into the summer and have a very rigorous program for the kids,” Bass said. “Attendance is going to be big there. We have talked to the kids about it and will stress commitment and doing what winning teams do.”

Outside of summer lifting, Bass said the Cougars will participate in a passing league with Union, Sebastopol, Lake, Neshoba Central and Leake Central.

“We will get to install the rest of our passing game this summer,” Bass said. “We are going to more of a spread offense and will work on getting that installed this summer. But the big thing for us is we have to be able to run the ball when we want to run the football. If you can’t do that, you are going to struggle. So we have got to get stronger this summer.”