Another great season nears


We’re just almost halfway through August, but it’s that time again.

The football season almost officially kicks off this week. This week we have jamboree games. Next week, the first official football games are played.

This fall begins my 17th season covering high school football in some form or fashion. We  are putting the finishing touches on our preview section as we start the season.

That being said, I also hate that the football season is starting so early. High school football used to start either the week before colleges or sometimes on Labor Day weekend, when most colleges started.

This year, the Labor Day holiday will come after two weeks of the 11-week schedule is completed. That’s actually an improvement from last year. We’ll still be dealing with the heat timeouts at the 6:00 mark of each quarter for more than half of the season. I’m glad we have the water break timeout, but I’d still rather see the football season being pushed back a little bit so that the first week of October is near the midpoint of the season. The weather doesn’t really start to feel like football weather until that time of year.

As I read what I’ve written so far, I’m reminiscing about the good ole days. However, I’m glad that some things have gotten better over the years.

Coaching is definitely one of them. I think we have some of the finest high school coaches in the state right here in Newton County. They’re smart about the heat and humidity, moving practices to early morning and late afternoon, even midnight like Union did last week.

They know how to push their football players without going too far, physically and mentally. And honestly, they’ve seen a lot in high school football, anything from the Wing-T and Notre Dame box to the spread offenses of today. They’ve probably forgotten more football knowledge than I’ll ever know.

And we have some phenomenal athletes right here in our backyard. You’ll get a chance to read more about them next week in the football preview section.

It’s going to be a great season. Good luck to everyone!

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