Brent Maze: Congrats to our top football players


In today’s edition, we are recognizing 30 of the best football players in our coverage area. These players are from Union, Newton, Newton County, Newton County Academy and Lake. Each of them made an impact on their season.

At the beginning of the season, we know who some of these guys are going to be. Granted, there are a lot of talented players on our roster, but there are always a few guys who keep fighting and earn their spot on the team. I know we have a few guys like that on our team.

It’s interesting that the 2018 Player of the Year, who was a junior, was not able to repeat in 2019. That wasn’t because he had a bad season. It’s because this year’s Player of the Year just had a truly remarkable season.

Looking back at the 2019 season, I wasn’t sure exactly how many teams we were going to have going to the playoffs. I knew we would have at least two teams going to the playoffs just because three of them play in the same district, Lake, Newton and Union, because there are five teams in the district with four making the playoffs.

Newton County Academy struggled for most of the season but still found a way to get into the postseason despite being extremely young overall.

Newton County started strong, but then hit the midseason slump. A lot of that was due to injuries. They had to adjust to life without their starting quarterback. It took a while to adjust, but they kept fighting and found a way to make the playoffs.

And when they started making that run, Newton County got hot. They rode that momentum all the way to the third round when they ran out of magic in overtime of the quarterfinal matchup.

While it was a disappointing end to the season, they was no reason for the Cougars to be too down about the whole season.

Because of all their hard work to achieve team goals, the individual awards came in for all of these players.

So, we’d like to say congratulations on a great season! If you are graduating this year, we wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

If you’re coming back next season, I’d encourage you to keep working hard. Keep showing up for workouts. Keep watching film. Keep a good attitude.

Who knows what team and individual awards you might win next season?

Brent Maze is the publisher of the Appeal. Contact Brent at