Brent Maze: Congrats on your best season ever


Congratulations to the Newton County boys soccer team. That was an outstanding season.

As far as I know, that’s the best record I have seen an soccer team have that has been in my coverage areas over the years.

Soccer is probably the sport I understand the least. It took me a long time to understand what offside is. I think I have a clearer understanding of that than the NFL’s rule on pass interference. (Can I get an amen, Saints fans?)

I think one of the reasons why I don’t like it or understand it has to do with the fact that I don’t enjoy running. I may do it from time to time, but I don’t enjoy it.

Soccer is a game where you’re constantly running. And if you think they aren’t as tough as American football players, you’re wrong. They are out there with no padding while trying to fight for the ball without the use of your hands.

By the way, Mississippi’s soccer season is dumb. Why play it in the coldest months of the year? I don’t know how these guys and girls do that when it can get as cold as 10 or 20 degrees.

But this was a phenomenal season for the Cougars. I’m proud of you, and I hope you will cherish the memories you created over this magical season.

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