Brent Maze: FCA makes a difference in our area


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been something I’ve seen all of my life. Our high school had a chapter of FCA. It’s something that I’ve seen make an impact on many lives over the years.

Some of those former athletes went on to join the ministry in some way, form or fashion. Others continued in athletics are making an impact on young athletes today as coaches. It’s still an organization that promotes a lot of good in our country.

Sure, the goal of FCA is to see the world changed through the gospel of Jesus, but I think the organization is much more than just trying to win people to Christ. It all began back over 1940s and 1950 years ago when just about any movie star, famous person, athlete and others were being used to cigarette companies and other companies to promote their products.

Don McClanen, FCA’s Founder, wondered why many sports athletes would accept those endorsements but not use their platform to endorse their Christian values. That idea became a hallmark of the organization.

By the way, I think the FCA has certainly helped transform the sports world for the good.

I got a chance to hear Scott Engle, area representative for Newton, Scott and Smith counties, talk about the organization at the cornhole tournament a couple of weeks back, and I know it’s making a difference here with local students.

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