Brent Maze: Graduation day was unusual


Graduation is usually one of the most fun times around our office.

It is a time for us to put together our graduation section and see who all is ready to go to college or into the workforce.

We also get a chance to see the unusual things that happen during graduation ceremonies. At previous ceremonies, we had to battle the rain. Sometimes, they were even moved to Huff Auditorium.

We get to see how graduates decorate the top of their caps. We see how a student’s family members react to them walking across the stage to receive their diploma. While family members are usually encouraged to control their applause, there are a few that have some boisterous reactions from family members.

There’s usually a few comments like, “My boy made it!” There are some “hallelujahs” and other exclamations. Then there are some students who pump their fists or share a hug with their principal or a favorite teacher who is on stage.

This year was different. As one person who wrote on their car window, “The Class of 2020, the one with the pandemic!” Yep. Everything was different. The football stadiums were silent. Pomp and Circumstance was played in the front of the schools while the daylight replaced the stadium lighting.

It wasn’t as controlled as it usually is. Dogs had a little more free reign to come and go. One even got his diploma at Newton County High School.

Schools made the best of what they had, and that’s what 2020 has been all about. We just did what we could, and it made it truly unique. A graduation that will never be forgotten by the Class of 2020 or anyone else.

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