McMullans share message of hope


Over the past few weeks, I have followed social media posts about Alana McMullan and her battle with a brain tumor.

From everything I have seen, she and her family have shown great courage through this battle and are cherishing each day like we all should.

One thing in particular caught my eye, and that has been the amazing attention that has come to Alana and her brother Ethan. After the surgery, Ethan cut the back of his hair to match the scar that his sister had after the surgery to remove the tumor.

Her sister loved the gesture so much that she posted about it on her Twitter feed saying, “I have the best big brother #braintumoraintgotnothingonme #twin.”

For Ethan, it was a no-brainer.

“I was doing it because I didn’t want her to think that she was alone. We have a hashtag, #noonefightsalone. We have had a bunch of relatives who have had cancer and have just adopted that policy. I just felt like it was the perfect thing to do so she didn’t think she was alone in this.”

This kind gesture has attracted all kinds of attention from Buzzfeed to People magazine to even an interview with Fox News.

And he deserves all the attention they get. It’s a great gesture and something that I hope that I would be willing to do if God forbid something like that happened to one of my loved ones.

Ethan and Alana are setting an example that I hope we all can follow.

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