Three years pass by quickly


It’s hard to believe it’s been three year since I came to Mississippi.

Much has happened since I came to Newton. Newton lured the Biewer Lumber Company. Judge Marcus Gordon decided to retire earlier this year.

We’ve been through an election cycle. Our state legislature has put us on the map with a couple of controversial new laws.

The one thing that Mississippi lives up to is its nickname, “The Hospitality State.” Everyone has welcomed me to the county with open arms.

I’ve enjoyed learning about the history of Newton County. One of the most recognizeable battles was the Battle of Newton’s Station, which will celebrate its 153rd anniversary on Sunday. This was a part of Col. Benjamin Grierson’s raid that began in LaGrange, Tenn., and ended in Baton Rouge, La.

Newton’s battle was one of the more important stops along the way, where the Union Army seized two trains and then destroyed miles of railroad tracks.

The other big piece of history is how our county got its name, which was from Sir Isaac Newton. Not too many places can say that.

I’ve enjoyed the local festivals of our community.

I’ve also enjoyed getting involved with several organizations, including Newton Rotary, Union Lions, Relay for Life and Central Mississippi Residential Center and working with the local chambers of commerces and other local organizations.

I honestly didn’t expect to become the president-elect of Rotary and I hadn’t even been a member for a full year there.

It’s been a great three years in Mississippi and Newton County. I hope I will be able to share many more with you in the future.

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