Brent Maze: Take advantage of the opportunity


I don’t know about anyone, but I’ve got major cabin fever. Granted, I am naturally a withdrawing type of person. I enjoy time by myself and finding time to recharge.

However, even this is getting to me. I miss seeing people in person, maybe not as many of you extroverts are, but that face-to-face interaction is good for the soul.

In most crises we’ve seen, it is usually a time for us to come together, but this time, our crisis demands us stay socially distant. That means there are no shaking hands, no hugging except your close loved ones if they’re not sick and staying far enough away that your spit doesn’t get on someone else.

We not only have to treat others like they are contagious, but we also have to act in a manner like we are infected as well.

I applaud the brave souls each day who are required to go out into the public and work in this environment. Those are our nurses, doctors, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, grocery store stockers, cashiers and others who put themselves in harm’s way to serve the public.

Many of the rest of us are observing our voluntary shelter in place orders. We are doing our part to flatten the curve and stop coronavirus from spreading.

As we do this, let’s do our best to support our local businesses through this time. It’s extremely important to shop local now more than ever. If you’re doing a home-improvement project, then use one of our local businesses to get supplies.

If you’re buying online, look at local businesses first. Utilize their online inventory first. If you see something you like and you can’t purchase it online, contact them and ask them how you can get it.

And one thing for sure, this is a great time to invest in ourselves. Read that book you’ve always wanted to read. Start a healthy eating diet. Start exercising. Start the garden you always wanted to have. Play ball with your children. Have an in-house date with your significant other.

This is a golden opportunity to do something for yourself and your family. Let’s turn off the devices and live.

Brent Maze is the publisher of the Appeal. Contact Brent at bmaze@newtoncounty­